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Just In Case You Missed It

30 May

I am always keeping very busy with numerous projects on the go. Just in case you have missed any recently here are links to some of my recent work for the ever amazing Polka Dot Bride and Ellez Bride.

Polka Dot Bride

Ellez Bride

Pooches And Pussycats – Involving Pets In Your Wedding

19 Apr

This year I will be continuing to write and contribute to Polka Dot Bride. I love writing articles for Polka Dot Bride, so here is my latest one – Pooches And Pussycats – Involving Pets In Your Wedding. How seriously adorable is the photo below?!?!

ImageImage by AMB Photo via The Wedding Chicks

Endless Summer…

29 Feb

Today is offically the last day of summer. To celebrate I thought I would share a photo with you from a photo shoot that was recently featured on Polka Dot Bride, which I had a very small part in towards the end of 2011 with Shutter & Lace Photography and Savor The Moment Wedding Planning. The photos turned out amazingly and it was great to meet so many wonderful people in the industry. More  photos and the details on the shoot will be shared on the blog soon! Enjoy!

Polka Dot Bride – Showers, Parties, Brunches – A Girls Guide

7 Feb

Just a brief post yo share with you another guest article that went live for Polka Dot Bride today (I was a busy  girl on the holidays). Check out my post on a Girls Guide to Showers, Parties and Brunches – the celebratory events leading up to and after the wedding!

Polka Dot Bride – Prenuptial Agreements -Yay or Nay?

6 Feb

Hey Guys! Just thought I would share with you all my latest guest article for Polka Dot Bride, Prenuptial Agreements – Yay or Nay? It went live on the 31st of January – which I have completely missed due to email issues! In the article I explore Prenuptial Agreements for the modern day couple. Enjoy!

Polka Dot Bride – Unique Wedding Entertainment

4 Dec

My brand new Guest Blog Article for Polka Dot Bride went live on Friday. Check out my post on Unique Wedding Entertainment. I am working on a few other articles for Polka Dot Bride, so I will keep you all posted on when they are published. In the New Year I am also going to have a go at some freelance writing for some of the QLD based Bridal Magazines. If anything gets off the ground, you will all be the first to know!

Polka Dot Bride Guest Blog – Demystifying Dress Codes

21 Oct

Just in case you missed it earlier in the week – my brand new Guest Blog Post for Polka Dot Bride went live on Tuesday. If you get a spare moment, check out Demystifying Dress Codes!



Polka Dot Bride – Unique Wedding Gifts

24 Sep

Just a brief blog post to let you all know that another one of my guest blogs for Polka Dot Bride went live on Friday! Check out my Unique Wedding Gifts post when you get a chance!


Polka Dot Bride – What’s With the Name?

24 Aug

Hey guys, my next guest blog for Polka Dot Bride has gone live this morning. Check out my blog ‘What’s With the Name?’…where I explore changing your name after marriage. Enjoy – and don’t forget to check out the oodles of other inspiration at Polka Dot Bride!

Polka Dot Bride – Wedding Budget Busting Tips

9 Aug

Hey guys, very excited! Next guest blog for Polka Dot Bride has gone live this morning. Check out my Wedding Budget Busting Tips…I lived by these whilst planning my wedding. Don’t forget to check out the oodles of other inspiration on Polka Dot Bride!