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Polka Dot Bride – Prenuptial Agreements -Yay or Nay?

6 Feb

Hey Guys! Just thought I would share with you all my latest guest article for Polka Dot Bride, Prenuptial Agreements – Yay or Nay? It went live on the 31st of January – which I have completely missed due to email issues! In the article I explore Prenuptial Agreements for the modern day couple. Enjoy!

Polka Dot Bride – Unique Wedding Entertainment

4 Dec

My brand new Guest Blog Article for Polka Dot Bride went live on Friday. Check out my post on Unique Wedding Entertainment. I am working on a few other articles for Polka Dot Bride, so I will keep you all posted on when they are published. In the New Year I am also going to have a go at some freelance writing for some of the QLD based Bridal Magazines. If anything gets off the ground, you will all be the first to know!

You Paid What??!

27 Sep

According to a recent article, published by Brisbane Times, the average Australian couple is spending a whopping $36,2000 on their wedding day. This is  a 6.5%  increase from 2010-11. The article states that the Australian Wedding Industry is worth $4.3 billion and is expected to reach $4.7 billion by 2016.

So what is an appropriate amount to spend on your big day? Unfortunately I don’t have  the answer to this one, and there are many factors that will influence how much an individual Bride and Groom will spend. I am however an extremely strong believer  of this – no matter who is paying for your wedding, whether it be yourselves or your parents, you should not enter into years of debt (actually any debt is even better).

Sometimes you need to take a step back and put things into perspective – $36,200 is a lot of money to spend on one day. Yes, it is possibly one of the most important days of your life, but is it worth $36,200?  A little fact – Approximately 42% of your budget will be spent on food, drinks and your venue/s.

I can gladly say, that including our Honeymoon, we spent just over $13,000 –  with not 1 cent of debt. If we didn’t have the money, we simply couldn’t afford to buy it!

Image courtesy of The Providence Journal / Tom Murphy