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Summer Inspiration – Yellow Flowers

8 Feb

I was in my local coffee shop this morning and every week they have fabulous flowers on display. I just had to share with you all the photo I managed to capture at the coffee shop this morning. I love the bright, big flowers. The warming, sunshine yellow colour of the flowers and the cute tin they are in. Sunshine. Vintage. Farmhouse – all words that spring to mind!


Yellow Sunshine

9 Sep

I promised a yellow inspiration board before the end of the week, so here it is! Yellow is the color of sunshine and is usually associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.Yellow produces a warming effect and arouses cheerfulness…perfect for a wedding don’t you think?

Spring Sensation!

28 Jul

With the change in season from Winter to Spring approaching very fast, I thought I would put together an inspiration board harnessing the gorgeous pastel colours that can only mean SPRING! Some of the hot colours coming with the change in season include –  Pink, Tangerine, Lilac, Periwinkle, Hot Pink, Fuchsia, Lime, Yellow, Cream, Soft Violet and White. All of these tantalizing colours are easy on the eyes and most importantly can all be mixed and matched together without the need to avert your eyes!