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Wedding Vendor Wednesday – Weddings and Events of Australia

22 Feb

Today for Wedding Vendor Wednesday, I bring you something very special! Today’s vendor is unique. Unique in the way that they not only provide a fabulous service for Brides to Be, but for the whole Wedding and Event Industry in Australia. Wedding and Events of Australia (WEOA) is an independent organisation that provides services, business support and recognition to organisations that work within the wedding, corporate and charity events industry.

Wedding and Events of Australia (WEOA) was founded by Jessica Aguilera and Angela Vithoulkas, who between them, have an amazing set of skills and qualities that make this concept work! I love that Wedding and Events of Australia (WEOA) understand that it’s members work in a unique environment. They recognise that many issues faced by the businesses that work in the challenging wedding and events industry require specific and target information and support.

Members of Wedding and Events of Australia (WEOA) are provided with a multitude of services and support including recognised accreditation through their Annual Awards Program, the hosting and organisation of relevant Business Webinars, Workshops and Networking Events, Regular Business Information Updates and a comprehensive Business Directory Listing. Wedding and Events of Australia (WEOA) also have an Associate Membership option available for Brides and Event Managers alike, which provides members with information and advice about putting together their wedding or special event.

Wedding and Events of Australia (WEOA) are really providing a valuable support and networking service for the many, often alone businesses in the Wedding and Events Industry. If you want to keep up to date on development in the industry, networking opportunities, upcoming workshops and events and awards, then a Wedding and Events of Australia (WEOA) membership for you.

It is great to see that Wedding and Events of Australia (WEOA) work by appreciating the goals of their members. They are determined to help grow strong, successful and profitable businesses in the ever-changing Wedding and Events industry. To get in touch with the team, or to inquire about membership, please email info@weoa.com.au

Image Courtesy of Wedding and Events of Australia (WEOA)