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Luscious Lillies

7 Aug

Just had to share this gorgeous bunch of Lillies at my local coffee shop! So nice to see ones other than white and pink!

Gerbera Love

16 Apr

Spyed this bunch of gorgeous Gerbera’s in my coffee shop this morning. It brightened my day as they match the dress I am wearing today! Enjoy. SMDx

Lilly Love

9 Mar

So in keeping with my Friday theme of late, I spyed these most gorgeous Tangerine Lillies in my regular coffee shop this morning. Absolutely Love. Just had to share with you all! Enjoy Friday!

Wedding Vendor Wednesday – Framed Flowers and Memorabilia

23 Nov

If you are anything like me, I didn’t even give thought to preserving my wedding bouquet. It was something that I had looked into, but was not something I was too concerned about. On the day of my wedding, I was so blown away by my bouquet of flowers. I instantly wished I had looked into preserving and framing my bouquet. So today, I bring you Framed Flowers and Memorabilia, in the hope that unlike me, if you are considering preserving your flowers, here is somewhere for you to start.

Framed Flowers and Memorabilia have been drying and framing brides bouquets and special occasion flowers for over 20 years. They pride themselves in creating quality frames at exceptionally affordable prices. Framed Flowers and Memorabilia believe that the most important flowers in your life are worth preserving. Framed Flowers and Memorabilia also offer a number of other services to brides including, one of my favourites, the Forever Sand Unity Frames, as well  as framing your wedding cake toppers and marriage certificates. Framed Flowers and Memorabilia offer a completely customised framing service, allowing you to choose from an extensive range of colours, sizes, borders and background colours.

Framed Flowers and Memorabilia services Australia wide and also offer gift vouchers. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your bridesmaids, a small frame can be created with their flowers for a lasting momento of their involvement in your special day – what an amazingly unique gift idea!

So don’t leave it too late like I did – get in touch with the team at Framed Flowers and Memorabilia for more information and to obtain a quote. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the quality of your frame.

Images Courtesy of Framed Flowers and Memorabilia

Wedding Vendor Wednesday – Corporate Floral – Willetton Wedding Flowers

16 Nov

Perth brides who are looking for a florist, look no more! Corporate Floral – Willetton Wedding Flowers, based in Willetton, Perth is where you need to start! Corporate Floral – Willetton Wedding Flowers has been established for over 30 years and is one of Western Australia’s premiere florists. Judy, Mandy and Christine are a team of exceptionally talented floral designers. They are the experts in the design and creation of  superior and exquisite bridal bouquets.

Corporate Floral – Willetton Wedding Flowers understand that flowers are a very important part of a wedding. Every bride deserves her hearts desire on her special day! Corporate Floral – Willetton Wedding Flowers pride themselves on the highest quality, premium grade flowers, paired with exceptional design. The attention to detail found in the hundreds of different bouquets created byCorporate Floral – Willetton Wedding Flowers, really sets them apart from other florists.  Corporate Floral – Willetton Wedding Flowers  are able to offer their brides unbeatable value and quality with their huge buying power. They also have their very own flower production nursery!

You can visit in person at Corporate Floral – Willetton Wedding Flowers studio. You can browse hundreds of photos of past creations, and even look at and touch a variety of pre-made wedding bouquets. I love that they offer their clients a personalised one-on-one consultation. This means that your floral designer can really have the time to understand your needs and determine exactly what it is you want for your wedding flowers. Professional, helpful and friendly service is guaranteed!

I promise you won’t be disappointed with the quality and service Corporate Floral – Willetton Wedding Flowers provides. To get in touch, email floraldesigners@bigpond.com

Images Courtesy of Corporate Floral- Willetton Wedding Flowers

Purple Fever

25 Aug

I had a request for a purple themed Inspiration Board, so here it is! Purple is the perfect colour for weddings all year round! Sophisticated and classic, with purple you can do no wrong!

It’s all in the flower…..

2 Aug

Did you know that flowers can account from anywhere between 6% -15% of your total wedding budget? In Victorian times, flowers were assigned particular meanings. Flowers and floral arrangements were often used to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken. A language of flowers was established and was sometimes referred to as floriography.  Flowers bring an element of grace and elegance to a wedding, and brides may want to consider the meanings of flowers when choosing their wedding flowers. So in today’s blog, I thought I would compile a list of flower meanings for you to consider.

Images Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings