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All White Wedding Cakes

29 Jul

All white wedding cakes are traditional and elegant. If all white isn’t your thing, why not add a pop of colour! Here are some all white wedding cakes for inspiration.

Images Courtesy of Martha Stewart Wedding

Interview with an Expert: Rebecca Ramsay – Mark it with a “B” Cake Decorating

8 Sep

Choosing your wedding cake can be an extremely daunting task. Lucky for me  I knew exactly what I wanted, but for a lot of Brides to be, this isn’t the case. The wedding cake is a tradition that dates back to Roman Empire. Traditionally, at the time, a loaf of bread was broken over the brides head by the groom. This act was to symbolise the dominance the groom had in the marriage over the bride. However, the modern wedding cake is far from being a historic institution. The modern wedding cake is a creation of the 20th century.

Now that I have given you a brief history lesson, let’s get down to business. I had a chat with Rebecca Ramsay from Mark it with a “B” Cake Decorating. Rebecca was lovely enough to answer a few questions for me in the hope that this will assist all of the Brides out there who still need to settle on a wedding cake !

How long have you been in the cake decorating business?

My passion for cake decorating begun as a little girl. My Grandmother is a cake decorator herself and I would go to her place on the weekends to watch her decorate cakes for people’s special occasions.  In 2001 I completed two cake decorating courses to help perfect my skills. I registered Mark it with a “B” Cake Decorating shortly after completing the courses and decorated my first wedding cake which was electric blue and covered with yellow flowers and a pig bride and groom as the cake topper.

What should couples consider when they are looking for a wedding cake?

I feel couples most importantly need to consider their budget –  if they wish to serve their cake as dessert or with tea and coffee and how elaborate they would like their cake design to be as this will affect the cost of their cake.

What are some of the trends you are seeing for 2012 in wedding cake design?

It depends on the theme of wedding. If they are going for Elegance then Stencils are becoming quite popular. If they are wanting something fun Push Pops are starting to become huge.

How long on average does it take to make a wedding cake?

It depends on the size of the cakes but I can spend up to 12 to 13 hours per cake.  All of my cakes are made from scratch using only the best  ingredients, which takes a bit longer to make.  The longest I have spent was almost a week (this cake consisted of 15 cakes with hand piped chocolate hearts).

 What cake flavours are available to choose from, is the sky the limit?

I don’t like to restrict my Bride and Grooms on the flavours of cake.  Its their wedding day and they deserve to have anything their heart desires. I cater for dietary requirements and If I haven’t made a particular flavour I research and do trials to ensure the cake is perfect.

How do you transport wedding cakes without them being damaged?

I have a non slip mat in the back of my car and drive very carefully (so far I haven’t had any disasters)! I usually take my mother as my quality controller.

What is one piece of advice you have for Brides and Grooms?

I have 2 pieces of advice:

1. Always make sure you have a contract between you and your cake decorator that outlines absolutely everything in relation to your dream cake this will ensure there no mishaps on your wedding day.

2. Have fun planning your special day, it’s an amazing time in your life!

What is your favourite cake flavour or combination of flavours?

I don’t particularly have a favourite flavour but my signature cake is the Coconut cake.  This flavour has been ordered so many times, I can almost make it with my eyes closed.   The Combination my clients usually go for is Coconut cake, Mud cake, White Chocolate Mud cake and a lot of bride and Grooms still like to follow tradition and order the traditional Fruit cake which they keep for their first anniversary or christening cake for their first-born child.

To get in touch with Rebecca from Mark it with a “B” Cake Decorating, email

Images Courtesy of Mark it with a “B” Cake Decorating