Melanie Rose Photography Studio Opening 23/05/2012

24 May

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Studio Opening for Melanie Rose Photography last night. The beautifully designed studio is now open for business on the Northside of Brisbane, at the recently renovated Stafford City Shopping Centre. I first became aware of Melanie Rose Photography via Facebook (who would have thought?!), which is where I caught eye of the beautiful wedding photography that is captured by a very talented group of all female photographers – Melanie Stubbs, Tania Stanley and Zita Makkos.

The studio is situated in prime position in the heart of the shopping centre, which is no doubt, going to catch the eye of every shopper who walks by. Last night though, the studio was set up for a celebration. The studio was full of family, friends and wedding industry professionals, all there to celebrate the wonderful achievement of Melanie Rose Photography.

The evening was catered by, Jerome from Dalton Hospitality. The canapés included the likes of Deep Fried Camembert, Lamb and Vegetable Mini Pies and White Fish Ceviche, Green Papaya and Caviar served in spoons. I must admit, these were some of the best canapés I have ever had the pleasure of tasting! Do yourself a favour and please check out the menus, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

With drinks flowing, it provided everyone with a great networking opportunity. I had the chance to meet some wonderful wedding industry professionals, who are experts in their chosen fields. A big shout out to Peter Hearnden from  Paramount Events, Linda Osborne from The Party Girls, Tania-Lea Nelson Mobile Makeup Artist Brisbane, Kay Franks from Life Events and Emily Morandy from Cakelady Creations.

Melanie Rose Photography, thank you once again for a wonderful evening and I wish you all the best for the future in your beautiful new digs!


Peter Hearnden and Melanie Stubbs

Sarah Dickens and Lauren McCorkindale

Dalton Hospitality

Kay Franks and Emily Morandy

Tania-Lea Nelson, Melanie Stubbs, Linda Osborne

Dalton Hospitality

Shada Jai, Tania Stanley, Melanie Stubbs and Zita Makkos

Dalton Hospitality

Kay Franks, Peter Hearnden, Sarah Dickens, Melanie Stubbs, Tania-Lea Nelson, Lauren McCorkindale, Linda Osborne, Emily Morandy and Jerome Dalton

All Images Courtesy of Melanie Rose Photography

2 Responses to “Melanie Rose Photography Studio Opening 23/05/2012”

  1. Melanie May 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm #

    Thanks for your support and for coming along Sarah, it was great to put a face to the blog:). I think your blog is such a wonderful idea!

  2. Kay Franks from Life Events May 25, 2012 at 5:24 pm #

    Fantastic event! It was a pleasure to mix with a fine group of wedding professionals. I truly hope to work with all of you…

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