Valentines Inspiration

13 Feb

Thought I would squeeze in one last bit of inspiration for Valentines Day before it arrives tomorrow. If you have forgotten a gift, or have left it to the last minute – don’t stress! Here are some ideas for you to consider.


1. Personalised Cufflinks – A great gift for the man in your life – plus a great reminder of you whilst he is at the office!

2. V8 Race Car Experience – a great gift for the man who loves a bit of adrenalin!

3. Esky Beer Pack – A gerat way to show the man in your life that you understand him!

4. Seafood BBQ Cooking Class – perfect excuse to let the man of the house take over in the kitchen (even if it is outdoors!)

5. Natio Mens Gift Packs- spoil your man with a bit of luxury. The Easy Shave or Groom ‘n’ Go pack are perfect!



1. Name -A- Star – The gift for the girl that has everything, and who means everything to you!

2. Womens Health Gift Pack – The perfect gift for the active women. She is sure to love!

3. Oxfam Unwrapped – a gift that is totally unexpected! This is the gift that will also help transform the life of a person living in poverty.

4. Roses Only – for the girl who is all about tradition, 12 red roses are the way to her heart! Extra brownie points for chocolates and cute teddies.

5. Chocolate Making Class – chocolate and cooking….need I say anymore?





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