Dress Code Dilemmas

15 Nov

Ok, so in keeping with my recent article for Polka Dot Bride on Demystifying Dress Codes – I took some of my own advice and hit the shops over the past couple of weekends, on the hunt for the perfect outfit for my sister in-laws wedding. Armed with all that prior knowledge must have paid off for sure! Oh how I was so wrong.

After losing a bit of weight recently, a lot of my possible dress options at home were useless. I decided that I had procrastinated  enough with putting the dress shopping off, and that just over 5 weeks out, I had to get something organised. So packed full of confidence, I hit my local shopping centre, which to be quite honest was a lost cause. With that in mind I decided to go a few post codes further away, and spent nearly a full day at Chermside (the shopping centre from hell). After going into just about every store the sold anything that resembled a dress, I was quite disappointed that I couldn’t find “the dress”. I knew what I wanted – something classy, not trashy. Something that wasn’t too dressy, but not to casual. Knee length – no shorter no longer, and preferably blue in colour. Do you think I could find the dress??? NO. So I headed home, feeling a little upset. Having lost a few kilos, I thought dress shopping for sure would be a lot funner and a lot easier.

I got home, and decided that I might give up on the dress shopping for a while, until my hubby suggested that he take me to yet another shopping centre to see what we could find. This shopping centre trip was definitely more fruitful and I was happy to say that I found 3 dresses that ticked all of my boxes. Dress # 1 – really nice, but unfortunately wasn’t happy with how it sat, so it was crossed off the list. The last 2 dresses were so severely out of our price range, it was a bit of a joke. Dress # 2 – absolutely stunning, ticked all of the boxes, except for the price. Unfortunately I could not justify spending $279 on a dress! Dress # 3 was hiding on a rack that I had flicked through multiple times. It also ticked all the boxes, and was marginally cheaper in price….$235…none the less cheaper! So with that in mind dress 3 was picked and is pictured below for your ogling!

With spending so much on the dress, I was on a strict budget with the accessories. I managed to pick up the most amazing nude satin heels from the Tony Bianco Outlet at Jindalee DFO – reduced from $149 to a mere $24.95. With this bargain I was satisfied. Shoes also pictured below for your ogling! I also managed to grab a very cheap nude clutch handbag from K-Mart for $15. A total outfit for under $300! Way more than what I wanted to spend, but at least  I will be able to wear everything again!

Images from my own personal collection


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