Wedding Vendor Wednesday – Stunningly Affordable Wedding Dresses

26 Oct

South Australian Brides this one is for you! Stunningly Affordable Wedding Dresses mission is for every bride to have an affordable dream wedding dress! If you are just starting to plan your wedding, you will quickly come to realise that weddings are not cheap and Stunningly Affordable Wedding Dresses understand that not all brides can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. Quick fact, $2200 is the average amount that Australian Brides are spending on their wedding dress.

Stunningly Affordable Wedding Dresses offer their clients a range of designer label quality wedding gowns at affordable prices. I love that the Stunning Affordable Wedding Dresses website shows their extensive range of wedding dresses, as well as bridesmaids dresses, formal dresses, flower girl dresses and accessories. The website provides plenty of information for brides on choosing the correct size and colours. Stunning Affordable Wedding Dresses are hand-made to order, they do not come off a production line manufacturing thousands of the same item. I also love the fact that you can order your dresses online, which you guessed it, means not spending hours going from dress store to dress store, if that isn’t your style!

The Stunning Affordable Wedding Dresses team is genuinely committed to customer service and will do their best to accommodate your requests – they understand how important your big day is! So don’t wait, jump online and check them out. To find out more information or to get in touch, simply email

Images Courtesy of Stunningly Affordable Wedding Dresses


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