Interview with an Expert: Hannah Leitch – Flawless Hair and Beauty

7 Oct

Choosing the right hair and makeup artist for your wedding day is almost as important as choosing the perfect wedding dress. Creating your ideal wedding look can often be a challenging task. I recently had a chat with Hannah Leitch from Flawless Hair and Beauty who was nice enough to answer a few questions for me. Hopefully you Brides to Be out there will find this as informative as I did!

What are the hottest looks for Bridal Hair and Make-up for 2012?

For make-up, it’s all about the eyes! Thick dark mascara and smokey eyes in whatever colour makes each individual’s eyes “pop”! Lash extensions and false lashes are all the craze at the moment, so this  really helps us to make our eyes stand out and be noticed, as they should be.For hair, I would have to say  the timeless elegance of the tousled soft curls, pinned to a loose, low bun is quite a popular style, it suits everyone and is flattering on any face shape.

What should Brides take into consideration when trying to find a Hair and Make-up Artist?

You want to find someone who YOU are comfortable with. Someone who encourages you to have a trial, and talks you through every step of the process, giving you the attention you deserve. Also if you can find a mobile make-up artist/hair stylist your day will be much less stressful!

What are your top tips to keep Brides looking fresh on their wedding day?

Plenty of sleep! Be kind to yourself in the weeks leading up to the wedding and make sure you are well rested. The night before, if you can avoid it don’t have a late night! A lot of bride’s also forget to eat and drink plenty of water on their wedding day as their minds are off in so many other places, please don’t forget about YOU.

What are the differences between airbrush and conventional make-up?

Like anything, there are pros and cons for both types of make-up. Conventional make-up is generally cheaper; it’s been around for longer, so most artists generally have a lot more experience with it. There are so many types and brands, so you are bound to find a specific foundation that is just right for you. Airbrush make-up has a “weightless’ finish, leaving your skin feeling like you have barely anything on it. It has amazing lasting power and is great for defining and contouring. I think that both can be equally as effective, as long as the artist does it properly.

What preparation needs to be done to Brides skin/hair in the lead up to the wedding?

I ask all of my brides to shampoo (x2) and condition hair the night prior to their wedding day. No products or styling. Clean, natural, fresh hair is best to work with. I also ask that clients carry out a basic skin routine by at least cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, starting a couple of weeks prior to the wedding day. Again, clean, natural, fresh skin upon my arrival.

How long have you been in the industry and what do you love the most about being a hair and make-up artist?

I have been in the hair and beauty industry for over 10 years now and I still love every minute of it. Most of all I LOVE seeing the end result of any service I do. I love seeing my client’s reaction and knowing that I have helped make her feel great about herself.

Question from Amanda-What would be the most flattering but natural look for a young, fair-skinned, unnatural redhead Bride, for a garden wedding?

I would have to say  really soft, unstructured waves. This could be achieved by “scrunch drying” if you already have a natural wave, or using large hot rollers. You would then have the option of leaving it down; or even having it in a really lose braid, with a flower in one side. This would create a gorgeous natural look.

To get in touch with Hannah from Flawless Hair and Beauty, email

Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings


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