Counterfeit Wedding Gowns Online

25 Aug

One of my lovely readers brought my attention to an article that was posted recently on Bridal Guide, which is the online complement to New York based Bridal Guide Magazine. After reading the article I thought is still held some merit given that brides for many reasons may choose to purchase their dream wedding gown online, whether it be from an Australian or overseas based company.

American dress designer Mori Lee has warned brides against buying designer gowns online from non authorised retailers. It seems that many online stores worldwide are selling counterfeit gowns, usually for a much lower price, and you guessed it, the quality of the dress is nowhere near to the quality of the original design. What makes matters worse is the fact that often these online stores don’t stand behind the products they sell and if there are any problems with the quality of design, they are reluctant to help!

So in the end, what does this mean for you? To avoid disappointment – do your research! If you choose to purchase your gown online and it looks to be the “real deal” ensure the company is an authorised retailer of what ever designer gown you are intending to buy.

To see the full article, including a list of sites known to sell counterfeit Mori Lee Gowns click here.

Image Courtesy of Henry Roth


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