“Hobo Wedding” causes a stir…

9 Aug

Sarah Hunt and Brian Brown’s “hobo wedding” recently appeared on the Etsy Handmade Weddings blog. This particular real wedding has caused quite a stir over the past couple of days in the wedding community worldwide for both good and bad reasons. The young american couple chose this theme because of a suggestion from the grooms grandmother, who married in 1940 – “We wanted to create an event that was unfussy, honest, beautiful, fun and, most importantly, from the heart.”

It seems many people felt that the wedding was tasteless and insensitive, glorifying poverty and people’s suffering. On the flip side, there were also plenty of people who found the wedding theme to be charming, heartwarming and refreshing. Due to the large amount of negative interest from the wedding, Etsy’s editorial director released a brief statement apologising for upsetting and offending some members of their community.

The Guardian newspaper yesterday released an article stating that the couple in fact spent $15,000 putting the wedding together despite having the “Hobo” wedding theme.  from The Guardian – “If actual hobos and people during the Depression dressed, ate, decorated and lived as they did because they were poor, why would it cost so much to recreate that look for their big day?”

In the end everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the wedding. I personally believe that the wedding is slightly distasteful – The couple could still have achieved an era wedding without the “hobo” feel. I also find it a bit odd that they had to research the great depression after settling on the theme. With that being said, I don’t doubt that the couple had a wonderful wedding, it does look like everyone, including themselves enjoyed the day, and in the end I guess that is the most important thing.

Images courtesy of  Chelsea Donoho


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