Finer Details….

11 Jul

As I am trawling through heaps of wedding websites, the one thing I notice is that many brides are really focusing on the finer details and incorporating meaningful touches into all aspects of their wedding. From a personalised cake topper (we did this) to ornate place cards and table settings, I am loving all things in this space!

We tried to incorporate a few of these details into our wedding, and  I thought I would share a few of them with you. The first was our hand-made cake topper. I refused to pay $79  for a novelty cake topper, or though highly amusing, it would never be used again, and would no doubt collect dust on our mantle. Instead, with a little help from my mother in law, we created a personalised cake topper, with our first initials. I wanted to keep them simple, so kept them painted white, added a bit of ribbon that matched the theme of our wedding, plus a few love heart decals. All up I think it cost me under $6.

I also wanted something different for our bridal table. I was really not into any of the candelabras or other traditional bits and pieces that usually crowd the bridal table. I feel literally in-love with some “love” sculptures that I passed while shopping in K-Mart one afternoon. I thought that these would really express the mood of the day, without being too tacky and were completely different to anything else that I had come across. I ended up grabbing two of them, one for each end of the bridal table (they were $15 each), and they doubled as gifts for our bridesmaids once the wedding was over.

Of course, there are a thousand other ideas out there. but I think putting in the extra effort to include these sweet nothings into your wedding can really make a huge difference to the overall feel and atmosphere. Plus anything with a little bit of meaning behind it can go a long way, and make for a great conversation starter!

Images Courtesy of Photocity Wedding Photography


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